President’s Message

Nagaoka University of Technology further promotes gender equality in diverse environments.

Our university was founded in 1976 with emphasis on graduate-level education. One characteristic is that about 80% of undergraduate students are third-year transfer students from 51 technical colleges across Japan. About 20% of the graduate students are international students. We accept nearly 300 students from about 25 countries and regions. Many international students are from ASEAN countries, including Vietnam and Thailand, which characterizes our university. 

Undergraduate students have opportunities to pursue internships at overseas enterprises. Graduate students have several avenues to study abroad for research. Students can develop global awareness while experiencing different cultures and languages.

We aim to develop human resources capable of working with various people in an environment that embraces diversity while resolving various conflicts that can occur from time to time.

Nevertheless, the issue of gender equality has persisted as unresolved since the founding of the university. The share of women researchers in engineering is particularly low, which leads to the share of women researchers in Japan being the lowest among the OECD countries. The Science and Technology Basic Plan has stated clearly its “promotion of women researchers’ active participation” over the past few terms and has presented numerical targets.

Nagaoka University of Technology has devoted its efforts to work comprehensively to promote gender equality and to produce tangible results concretely and systematically, establishing the Basic Plan for Gender Equality. Along with promoting change in awareness, we review both male and female faculty and staff members’ working environments and students’ life and research environments and consider setting up a necessary support system to prevent their dropping out because of life events.

We promote gender equality while enlisting support and cooperation from local residents and many other people, as well as learning from many leading universities, research institutes, enterprises, and administrative organizations.

President of Nagaoka University of Technology Azuma Nobuhiko