For those facing pregnancy, childbirth and childcare

If you are thinking of taking a leave of absence or returning to school

Leave of absence, reinstatement and withdrawal

Documents such as leave of absence cannot be downloaded from the website.
Talk to your family, but also fully discuss this with your advisor and class teacher.
If you are not in good physical condition, you can arrange for procedural documents to be sent to you by post, etc. Please consult with the Student Affairs Section, Academic Affairs Section (ext. 9248, contact #4).

If you leave your child in a kindergarten or children’s club

If you leave your child at a nursery school or children’s club, you must submit a “Certificate of Employment (School Attendance)” through them to the person in charge at the municipal office.
This certificate is categorized as “other certificates” in the “Educational Affairs Certificates” and can be issued at the Educational Affairs Division, Educational Affairs Information Section (ext. 9259, contact #5). Take your completed “Certificate of Employment (School Attendance)” and your student ID card to the service desk, fill out the “Application for Educational Affairs Certificate” and ask for it.

(Note 1) This certificate is supplemented by a Declaration of School Attendance form to be filled out and stamped by the supervisor and attached to the Certificate of Employment (School Attendance). Therefore, it is recommended that you consult with your academic advisor beforehand.

(Note 2) It may take some time to issue the certificate. In addition to requesting the issuance of the document as soon as possible, we recommend that you inform the company to which you are submitting the document and consult with them in advance.
Certificate of Employment (School)” is treated as “other certificates” and cannot be issued by the machine.
Please contact the Student Affairs Division, Educational Records and Programs Section (ext. 9259, contact #5).

Medical Institutions

Only hospitals with English sites are shown

Nagaoka Red cross Hospital
Phone: 0258-28-3600 (main) FAX: 0258-28-9000
Senshu-2 297-1, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata-ken 940-2085

CATS children’s Clinic
Phone: 0258-33-1122

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